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But I Feel, I’m Growing Older…

Everything about blogging is so nice for me, but one: it makes me feel that I’m growing older. Indeed, blogospehere, as all web based communities, is a young world and the world of the young. Elders are visitors here.

But not that fact makes me feel the sorrow of the aging that soon. It’s how the young bloggers get their blogs maintained, the way they develop a house of big ideas, showing high or highest level understanding of the misteries of life.

They seems so familiar with the biggest questions and farest searching of humankind, make the spiritual and philosophy area as a gamezone. It’s not only fresh, but contain something too. The serious and heavyweight discourses, in their hand, becoming a nice and easy conversations. Baca lebih lanjut


An Antithesis to Nesiaweekism

Do you realize why it is so easy for men to lie, to love, to tease, to flirt, to make love to a total stranger, even to rape?

Few days ago, I can’t help noticed bunch of writings with subject about women that’s written by man. Some are true some are very very wrong.

Instead of correcting those wrong parts, we -women- prefer to chew them, slowly. What we have left?

Confusions. Lots of them.

We go like, wow, I don’t really understand what he s saying but it seems true and … hmm, I don’t know, he could be right. Who cares anyway? I enjoy his company and don’t mind with those bubblings. (God, have mercy on us!)

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Dear, You’re The Most Important Person in Your World

… and there, no body exists without you. Then, believe just in yourself, for you’re indeed your own teacher and the student in your journey. Don’t worry, no choice is even right or wrong. Some choice you make may increase the length of your journey, but your destination will always be the same, whichever way you choose to go.

And now, it’s time to make your trip’s plan. If you want peace, then offer peace to yourself and everyone you meet along the way. If you want love then offer love to yourself and everyone you see on your path.

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Falling in Love Thousands Times…

Love doesn’t a solid thing like a stone, or a built up matter hidden somewhere, something that you discover; it has to create, to be made, like bread, remade all the time. You know now, why we say making love, not finding love. The sleeping beauty waiting for a knight to kiss her, was a fairy tale of yesterday. You’re beautiful, but sleeping is no more enough for today.

Life is too short to be spent for looking for a perfect one to love. But there are enough time to create it, to start building it. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

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Searching for the lost half…

“I have spent many lonely days and nights without you, growing on my own, exploring the world through eyes that wish to see you…”

Unique, in Dear Soul Mate

Let the question “Is there a soul mate for each of us” remains unanswered, or keep it in your mind. It’s not always easy to draw a precisiously picture of our feeling by words. For that question may be would bring you a smile, or push tears dropping from your eyes, it’s a safe option not to answer it.