Dear, You’re The Most Important Person in Your World

… and there, no body exists without you. Then, believe just in yourself, for you’re indeed your own teacher and the student in your journey. Don’t worry, no choice is even right or wrong. Some choice you make may increase the length of your journey, but your destination will always be the same, whichever way you choose to go.

And now, it’s time to make your trip’s plan. If you want peace, then offer peace to yourself and everyone you meet along the way. If you want love then offer love to yourself and everyone you see on your path.

But if you prefer trauma and chaos and pain, then you can have that too, for the choice is yours.

Your words are your prisons of your freedom. Your thought create your words, so choose carefully how you next think; do you want love and peace, or trauma, chaos, and pain. And if I may give you an advice, My Dear, don’t ever ask the mirror on the wall anymore. You’re the perfect mirror to yourself, and look! you’re beautiful, the most beautiful, become more beautiful day by day.

So, live life as each day were your last, but enjoy it, as each day were your first. No matter I’m with you or not, you will be as happy as you want to be. Nothing to do with me, or everyone and anything else. It’s all about you, Dear, it’s all about the most beautiful, the most important person in your world.

When you love life as you do, life will love you. Then what else you need anymore? Nothing, Dear, nothing. Only by stop seeking and asking, you will find.

I’m so happy to know you ever need me, but I’ll be even happier, if I know you know now you don’t need me that much anymore, cos in your world, you’re more than enough.

I’ll be visiting someday, not to bring you happiness or anything else…

Just to share happiness already there with you. If only you let me in…



13 thoughts on “Dear, You’re The Most Important Person in Your World

  1. Susie

    ” Love is the answer , That everyone seeks…” begitukah kira2 ??? :))

    Saya suka banget kata per kata yg Bang Toga tulis , wah shakespeare pasti merasa tersaingi nih ??

    Siapa nih ?? dia yg di rumah atau masih ada dia yg lain ??? penasaran aja .

  2. nesia Penulis Tulisan

    Yep. You got the point. We learn, we practise, then we are!

    Makaci. Tp itu foto jepretan org kok. πŸ˜‰

    Maca ciy? Saya malah merasa, kalo nulis keminggris, kok kosa katanya pasaran bgt gitu yak. Selalu terkagum dgn tulisan yg pilihan katanya mengejutkan.
    But I do believe, in writing, and everything else, honestiness is the most important.
    Thank u.

    Saya malah belajar dari simbok, yg kalo buat link yg refer ke somebody special, pasti deh kita bakal nemu halaman blank. Yeee… iki jenenge murid makan tuan. :))

  3. maya

    jadi temanya mirror neeeh :d:p . btw ini tulisan buat mantan pacar bukan? maksa ngait2in dengan postingan yg tentang mantan kemarin? xixiixixixi…


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