Falling in Love Thousands Times…

Love doesn’t a solid thing like a stone, or a built up matter hidden somewhere, something that you discover; it has to create, to be made, like bread, remade all the time. You know now, why we say making love, not finding love. The sleeping beauty waiting for a knight to kiss her, was a fairy tale of yesterday. You’re beautiful, but sleeping is no more enough for today.

Life is too short to be spent for looking for a perfect one to love. But there are enough time to create it, to start building it. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

The very first duty of love is to listen, by what you will start to find piece and piece of beautiness inside her. Then it will grow by giving. Stop the calculating, don’t ever thinking or comparising the in and out. The love you give away is the only love you keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.

It’s better to start it slowly but sure, than sparkling like fireworks but gone in the dark after few seconds. Indeed, everyone has something beauty inside her, then every single man and woman is deserve to be loved.

Stop praying to marry the one you love, but pray and start to love the one you marry. It’s OK, if it seem not so perfect, not so romantic on the beginning, because a successful long relationship, a great marriage, requires falling in love many times, deeper and stronger in each day, always with the same person.

Harder it to create, harder it to be destroyed.


12 thoughts on “Falling in Love Thousands Times…

  1. jejakkakiku

    Te Amo its a very rare word that can actually describe what is TRUE LOVE that is so rare.

    Its something that can make you ALIVE and DIE in the same second,
    its something that can make you LAUGH and CRY in the same moment,
    and its something that make you are SOMEONE just to see the light of love in his/her eyes


    Nice posting again, love it as always!

  2. irdix

    to compare.. there are no such equal comparising exist in a man’s mind.. by time we want to compare something, at that moment, one side are already won a poin..

    I won’t say more about love, but when we think about it in form of marriage.. I guess someone else are always looks better than our wife/husband :p

  3. irdix

    but that only happen if we cheating.. so I’d say.. the word love is too short for marriage.. so, get yourself falling in love to someone you are married to, every time it’s start fade.. how?
    get laid will ya.. (meking lop gitu)

    *nyambung 2 komen, dari hape soalnya*

  4. maya

    hmmm…I agree if that happens in a reciprocal manner. But, if one side does that kind of sincere love and the other do the disrespectful things, tak patut lah hehhee

  5. sylvia

    nice thought, i do agree with ya and some commentaries up there, yeah, it should be in reciprocal manner, or else kayaknya kok nelangsa banget….hehehe
    lam kenal

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