Searching for the lost half…

“I have spent many lonely days and nights without you, growing on my own, exploring the world through eyes that wish to see you…”

Unique, in Dear Soul Mate

Let the question “Is there a soul mate for each of us” remains unanswered, or keep it in your mind. It’s not always easy to draw a precisiously picture of our feeling by words. For that question may be would bring you a smile, or push tears dropping from your eyes, it’s a safe option not to answer it.

Don’t hope too much. Life is nothing but postponement of defeat, not a kind of cherfull love of young boys and little girls anymore. You must know, there’s always something left unspoken, before we finally surrender to the eternity of death.

Ops… It wasn’t my plan to be gloomy… *confuse mode on*

I’m kind of a man who celebrate life!


Our feeling is the part of us, that most difficult to control. Someone doesn’t want to involve in a relationship (with commitment), for the reason of celibacy or “freedom of life”, then meet someone he/she thought never meet, someone becoming the air, inserted in every breath you take, someone you can’t live without.

Or you have been walk alone for a long road, and wishing desparately to find someone to go along, but till the end of the road is almost seen, that special someone never comes.

Or he/she’s there, but never want to take your hoping hand. Someone else has been in love with you, but you don’t even want to hear about it.

It’s harder for women (I guess). In our east culture, it’s not “polite” if they make the first “move” of approach. The risk is just too big. It hurt, if you refused, (and even you accepted, nobody can guarantee you’re not just beeing used. Some men will gladly enjoy the surrender of a woman).

The most important problem is not how to give your heart completely, but to find someone deserve it, someone worth it. It hurt to find that, someone you hope to wipe your tears, is the one make you cry. The worstest side of a man is, to make a woman fall, but never really want to hold it.

And since it’s described as “fall”, in searching for the lost half of yours, never forget to wear safety belt, and/or a full face helmet. So, if you someday finally fall, there would no bad wounds, and it’s easier to stand again, to go on searching for another.

But keep walking in searching, Dear, though “his ways are hard and steep.” Keep flying with him even there is “sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.”

Keep searching with all it’s risks, for what life is, but searching and bravery against the fate. A best kind of postponement of defeat, best kind of life.


8 thoughts on “Searching for the lost half…

  1. Nila


    memaknai kehidupan…sendiri atau berdua…..
    masing masing memiliki arti tersendiri……bagaimana kita menyikapinya….utk tetap menjadi pembelajaran menuju proses kedewasaan hati dan pikir

    bener. bagaimana kita menyikapinya. gelas yang sama bisa terlihat masih berisi separuh, atau sudah kosong setengah.

  2. Bugsy

    I also believe in a soul mate. Unfortunately we both did not realize it at the time. We parted twenty years ago as teenagers, married, have families and got in touch by chance. It was as though not a moment had passed-as though our lives were just on pause and we could continue where we left off. Our respective spouses forbid us any contact-even though all we do is talk. It helps us get through both our lives. I know he is my soul mate because he can complete my sentences while I speak, hears the pain in my voice……….

  3. ann!sha

    I could never understand, how in the world you could write something beautiful like this and yet still manage to make another big huge fantastic essay for bataknews? Damn. You must be blessed!
    Imagine if you ‘could’ do the same with that newspaper ma*** of yours 🙂 laris manis tanjung kimpul


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