Is There a Soul Mate for Each of Us?

According to Greek mythology, on the past, human were combined of two pairs of legs and arms, and a single head with two faces: and they were both male and female. These “complete” creatures were that strong, so even gods feel threatened.

To insure god’s position safe, Zeus, the big bos of gods, split them in half, then they have to spend their lifetime searching for the lost half: what now we called as soul mate.

Well, it’s just a myth.

But now, take a look at this letter, written by a young muslim woman… Something you might be the the one should receive it.

I was four when I realised I needed you. Whenever I witnessed two hands holding passionately I would literally cry. I had a loving family, but it wasn’t enough for me. I needed you. My soul mate. The other half that will complete me. I knew you would be special. Someone who would fill the void inside me. No one could fill it but you.

I have spent many lonely days and nights without you, growing on my own, exploring the world through eyes that wish to see you. I remember days when I would cry because I missed you, even though I have never met you. But I believe we have met, before we came to earth; this is how strong my feelings are for you.

I’ve loved you before I even met you. I know I will love you when I meet you and get to know you. I know I will sacrifice my life for you. I would be happy to take a bullet for you, just so you can live on, because I know I would die without you.

I want to have a special connection with you, for us to be much more than husband and wife.

I am in no rush. I am in no hurry. I await patiently. I travel the world looking for you. I develop personally so I can be better for you.

You deserve the best, I want to be able to deserve you. I know you will be mine, you were written for me before I was placed on earth. And if it is not our time to meet in this world, I will gladly die without loving anyone else, so we can begin our lives in heaven together, with our pure, true love that will last for all eternity.

by: unique muslimah

Do you ever feel that deep missing in you? Do you believe, that your lost half is out there, someone who would fill the void inside you, someone searching for you too?

Or you’re already met it… so now, you’re a complete and powerfull human-being, something even the gods feared of?

Let’s share, for by sharing, happiness will grow, and sorrow will be dissapear…


4 thoughts on “Is There a Soul Mate for Each of Us?

  1. Unique Muslimah

    lovely historical background to the soul mate theory…and interesting questions! I know some people have found their soul mates, while others continue looking. In the Qur’an God says ‘we have created you in pairs’, so it’s also taken from a religious perspective that we do have another half. 🙂


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