Finding A ‘Virgin’ Man (An Unequal Word)

In my other blog, once I wrote about how unequal is world for women. Too much facts… See the contrasts below.

When a man home lately at night, he will praised as a hard working people, but a woman will be suspected as a bitchy one.

If a man chit-chat with each other in office, well, they’re doing a high level discussion, but women are just gossiping…

A man having affair with women, will “respected” as a charming Don Juan, while a woman will bad named as a cheap trophy.

and so on…


This is a good story, about how “unequal” is this world for woman, written by this smart muslimah.

Ahmad is a religious young man; praying five times a day, fasting, polite, all good things a muslimah expects from a man. Hamidah is the lucky one, when her parents accepting proposal from Ahmad’s.

But there’s a problem: Ahmad was not virgin :))

As a religious man, Ahmad has to be honest (about his past).

‘In my days of ignorance, I committed illegal sexual relationship with a few girls. I’m not a virgin anymore…’ he told Hamidah.

Hamidah appreciated this rare kind of honestiness. But, in the other hand, she is shocked. Then she told her mother and older sisters, but they weren’t shocked as Hamidah predicted.

‘Hamidah, men are expected to have more “experience” in that part,” her mother told her, a tiny smile is her lips, but a big question is now in Hamidah’ heart.

What happen to religion, where’s justice, the most important point in Islam teaching?

We’re all equal in front of Allah, then what is forbidden for female, must also forbidden for male too, include having sexual relationship without marriage, worst kind of ignorance to God, called zinah!


Hamidah, you must realize from now on, the world is not designed for women. God started it from the beginning of creation. We, men, don’t have anything in our body, to indicate wheter we’re still virgin or already a male-whore.

So, stop finding a virgin man… Indeed, Ahmad is the best you can get, because there’s still a shame and honesty in his heart… while others feel nothings is wrong with beeing a male-whore.

Am I?




6 thoughts on “Finding A ‘Virgin’ Man (An Unequal Word)

  1. Omer T. Syed

    The person who has the most taqwa is the closest to Allah. If a male or boy is doing a wrong thing. Committing adultery or doing a sinful act, he will be punished by Allah. Same goes for the girl. Leave it on Allah and Allah is the best judge among all. This is my advice.
    The girl’s mother would have said that because may be she didn’t want her daughter to live in pain.

    “Leave it on Allah and Allah is the best judge among all” that’s the nucleus of Islam. Salam, my brother!

  2. jamani

    believe what has been writen in al quran,that a good person will have a good soulmate and bad person will have bad soulmate. i think only allah can judge either this person good or bad. as they say dont judge a book by it’s cover.

  3. putirenobaiak

    so one thing is clear; honesty is the key…then virginity is no more important.

    wah kok aku belum baca ini yah sebelumnya?

  4. putirenobaiak

    aku sedang revisi puisi ttg Rasul yg belum ‘berasa’, isenk aja ikut di blog Pak EWA. baru berasa setelah aku baca lagi kisah avatarmu itu…:). however, thanks so much.


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